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PAID Addon:Post More

Open to ideas/suggestions

A notice to discourage LURKING.
Idea: Days Since last post

Need optionS to set activation by time & post count AND application by group.
EXAMPLE: User post count is below X amount
EXAMPLE: User hasn't posted since X amount of days. Upon post, nag disappears till X time has passed again,
EXAMPLE: Selectable User Groups to apply rule.
Installs properly with Package Manager.

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Re: PAID Addon:Post More

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Hmm... That may fit into something I wrote a while ago, it is a generic "notices" addon, showing a popover box somewhere around the screen based on groups.
It would miss a couple of options though.

General thought: in your first example (less than x posts), wouldn't it be a little annoying? I mean having it always in front of you until you reach x posts? Well, of course it would depend on the amount of posts to reach.
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Re: PAID Addon:Post More

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I am definitely open to ideas and suggestions
Sometimes I have trouble explaining things. Some times, I'm just dumb. ... apologize for that.

TOTAL post count, per se,  isn't what I am really after.
"(less than x posts)" - Meant more towards (target New users - not Sr users).

Am wanting type of  (KEEP ALIVE) - to "nag" low level lurkers, readers, non posters.

If user only post to get beyond "security questions",  then only sits, reads, no more post ...
disrupt their vision/reading with a "nag" to make a post.

IF user closes nag, doesn't post in x minutes, nag returns, till post.

Don't really care about TOTAL post count - EXCEPT - don't want to bother Senior/trusted members who have really high counts.

I just want to POKE lurkers & snoops to force USEFUL activity from them.

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