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Attachment Space Issues

Hi Folks

Using TMD Cloud hosting and I have setup the values for attachment space to zero to
allow unlimited attachment space in ElkArte.
Getting notifications that the attachment is too large in red and I have to reduce its size.
Why is that. Sorry new to this software but really like it. Thanks

Re: Attachment Space Issues

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Could be your PHP values.   Using zero simply means the software will try to upload any size file.  However the server (php settings) will have two values to control that.

One is the max overall size per post, this is "post_max_size" (as when you upload multiple files) and the second is "upload_max_filesize" which limits the max size of an individual file within the post max size. 

You will need to change those on your server in you php.ini file.

Re: Attachment Space Issues

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Excellent and spot on.
Much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!