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Mention - Adding Buddy Notification Started by ahrasis · · Read 2280 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

Mention - Adding Buddy Notification

1. I note adding buddy notification in mention does not clear by itself and unlike reading a post, going to user profile that added you as buddy, does not remove that automatically. Can that be added?

2. May be notification message for that can be extended too, like visit his profile page's or add him back as your buddy 's link?

3. There is a follower mod, cleverly created by Dougiefresh in SMF where follower list page is created based on those  who added you as buddy (but you didn't add him back because I think smf 2.0 didn't have that notification feature).

I kinda suppose this is a kind of good mod to improve buddy / friend system in ElkArte. What do you think @emanuele , @Spuds ?

Re: Mention - Adding Buddy Notification

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1 and 2 certainly should be added as it provides a better interaction and is more consistent with the current "like" behavior, those are close to bugs really.  Maybe those would be for 1.0.5 if there is one, otherwise 1.1

Have not looked at what the mod does, I should do that before I comment, but overall improvements should be considered for the buddy system I think,


Re: Mention - Adding Buddy Notification

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Makes sense indeed.

I feel all of them are 1.1.
1) we need a new parameter and "path" in the profile controller (and it's one of those I'd prefer not to touch too much because of its complexity).
2) that one may actually be not so difficult, because in fact it should be a link, though it would still require the "mark as read", otherwise it would be inconsistent, and that means another path anyway.
3) yep, indeed buddies need to become at least somehow useful, and that has some kind of consequences. As I think I wrote in another topic, I would like to see the buddies "extended" in a way to let people organize their own groups (friends, family, foes (why not), etc.), but that step may be for 2.0.
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