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Re: Info Center Discrepancy

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The recent post list is grouped by topic, not by post, which alters what gets shown and in what order…. But I can see how it might seem confusing.

Re: Info Center Discrepancy

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There is the option to show that area as recent post or topics.  As Arantor pointed out its set to topics on this site. 

I recall a discussion about this option causing some confusion as the title of the box does not match what you get.  It is something to address in 2.0

Re: Info Center Discrepancy

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Long time no see on you both.
Hope all is well.
Yes, I now remember that this was discussed before. In fact, I think it was me who brought it up before. :laughing:

Re: Info Center Discrepancy

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I've logged it as an issue so hopefully it does not get away this time :hammer:

Indeed its been some time, good to see you as well.