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Re: [Theme] Lazy Day

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Point taken!  I'll update the date soon (since I have to push a few changes as well)

Re: [Theme] Lazy Day

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@Spuds When i inspect element my theme i get the following error.

font error.png

Re: [Theme] Lazy Day

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That sounds like the file may have been uploaded as an ascii file and it should be binary. 

I've attached that file in the attached zip, just extract that archive in your themes/elk_theme_lazydays_11/webfonts directory (over writing the existing fontawesome-webfont.woff2 file) ... or if you want you can extract that locally and then FTP it to that directory, but be sure to do so in binary mode.

If that does not work, then I'd then say its a config issue on your server, where the server mime type is wrong for woff2 files.


Re: [Theme] Lazy Day

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I didn't use the file, but the issue is no more now. Maybe i will keep checking and see if the issue pops up.