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Allow Members to Post Some Topics Anonymously Started by tcultech · · Read 2617 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

Allow Members to Post Some Topics Anonymously

This is my first post here and first time installing ElkArte. I'm really thrilled with it so far and I've almost decided to use it for a private, very limited forum.

In fact, the forum that I'm wanting to set up deals with very sensitive information and, in some cases, members will need to be able to post some topics anonymously so the issue can be discussed by the group while retaining the poster's privacy.

I found a mod over at SMF that is precisely the one I need, but I'm wondering whether it would work to simply upload and activate on Elkarte, or if it's likely to break everything. I'm thinking things will probably break, or just not work. :D

This is the one:

And if it will break, is there anything like this already created that would work? I looked through all the existing mods here and couldn't find any hits on the word "anonymous" so I'm thinking not.

Any advice or suggestions most welcome. Even if it's just to say, "don't install that thing, it will cause trouble" that would be great to know! :)

Looking forward to spending a lot of time with Elkarte and contributing wherever I can.


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Re: Allow Members to Post Some Topics Anonymously

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SMF mods will not install, without some level of conversion, on ElkArte.

There is no such mod that I know of for ElkArte.  I suppose since its a private restricted board, you could let Guests post, that would be somewhat anonymous I would think, just that the post would need to remember to logout first.


Re: Allow Members to Post Some Topics Anonymously

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Cool, thanks for the heads up on the mod thingy.

The guest post option is a good idea.

There are only 136 members allowed to post. Since they are not technically inclined and have little time (they are all running companies) the guest option will probably not fly with them, or be understandable.

Also, I need to guarantee that the guest is a valid member and not a random person who found the board.

That said, it's good to know what the options areā€”that's very helpful. I may have to forego the option for now and add it as a feature later. I really prefer to use ElkArte, based on my review of everything out there.

I'll update here if I have any additional info that might help others wanting this same thing. Perhaps I'll investigate re-writing the mod myself, if I can. That would be a fun way to learn about this script, I'm sure! :)

Thanks again!