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Re: installing languages via package manager

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Quote from: TE – Question: do we need this file at all? Addons can (and IMHO should) use their own language files.
Good question.
A previous discussion that may be of interest:

I would phase it out honestly.
Yes, certain addons will ad a single string and an entire file just for a string is overkill, but a file just for nothing is a bit overkill as well.
Additionally, if in some next version we would start "scope" language strings, and use a class or something instead of the $txt directly, autoloading would be easier with a file for each addon.
For example:
Code: [Select]
would be enough to instruct the "loader" of require the file /ADDONSDIR/addon-name/languages/file-id.{language}.php without even have to explicitly loadLanguage('file-id').

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