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Quote from: Spuds – Thanks for the update!  That image thing is really odd.
The hound dog is digging these bones up again. We're drifting away from the original subject line as well, though there may be things learned  through the process. Turns out I stumbled across this:

I know, I know. Boo hiss on the location. Nonetheless it could be a clue if not an answer to the former debacle. http3 in absentia through nginx may warrant another trial run.

I do not use the Compressed Output function in the ACP, but it was enabled in OLS. Makes one wonder....

Anyone have thoughts???
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Re: URL rewrite

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After reading the link... "Incompatibility is just an upgrade away"  :pray:

Yea, decompress..

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Re: URL rewrite

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Quote from: Steeley – "Incompatibility is just an upgrade away
:thumbsup:  remember that when 1.1.9 comes out  :embarrassed:

If you want to give lightspeed another go, try it with 1.1.9 which did make some changes to the compressed output logic.  Specifically
- It sets the compression header when required (it does not rely on ob_clear  doing that (it was one of the php 8 bugs 1.1.9 addresses)
- It does not use compression if the file is an image or a mime type that does not warrant using compression (actually this had been this way from the start)
- It checks if the client is requesting or supports compressed output
- Sets a proper content length header

Re: URL rewrite

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Quote from: badmonkey –
Quote from: Steeley –
After reading the link... "Incompatibility is just an upgrade away"  :pray:

Yea, decompress..
Indeed it is. Let's not mention Murphy.

I don't mind Murphy too much, he's just a passive observer. It's the 'phucque-up fairy" that that drops by unannounced and hangs around for a week or so and turns everything to  :poop:  that I can do without. That critter is evil.  :zipper_mouth:  

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Re: URL rewrite

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So now I know why 1.1.9 is taking so long ... that little:fairy:keeps visiting  :shocked:

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A day in the life of a visit... you wake up with a headache and a stiff neck, get out of bed and open the bedroom door, it catches on your left foot and stops half-way open, and you bust your nose on the edge of the door. The coffee machine quits and begins to smoke after brewing a quarter cup of coffee. The battery is dead in the car , you push it back and maneuver the wife's car across the lawn so you can jump-start it. You get a flat half way to work and discover the spare is also flat, and realize you left your cell-phone on the charger at home. A half hour later you flag down a passing tow-truck. When you finally do get to work you can't find your badge to get in the door.  You finally get in when someone comes out. You get to your workstation and get a message that you have to change your password, and your first 8 attempts are rejected because you've used them in the past two years already. In frustration you make something up, get in, and realize you're not sure now what you made up. Never mind, you'll deal with that later, and try to access your code files on a network drive, and.. it wants your new password. OK, so you'll deal with that now.  Finally the IT department gets you access, and you get to work..
You load up the source code you compiled yesterday, and proceed to "clean it up", removing comments you'd entered to aid in debugging. Now the source code won't compile. You put all the comments back, and it still won't compile.
So you load up the source file you compiled yesterday before going home, and it won't compile now either. You decide to get a cup of coffee in the break room and try to figure out what's going on. The new HR assistant comes in and brews a cup of hibiscus tea. Since you're allergic to hibiscus, you sneeze, and your nose explodes.
Yep, looks like the f'up fairy is back... :cold_sweat:

Since the day is obviously going to be a waste anyway, you decide to burn some vacation hours, log out, and..... the car won't start.  No cell phone, no badge to get back in to use the work phone to call AAA for a jump... while you wait for someone to come out again, a tune starts running in your head..
o/ that f'up fairy won't let me be, poor poor pitiful me.. o/

Need more cowbell.. {sigh}
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// Deep inside every dilemma lies a solution that involves explosives //