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Re: [Theme] EAflat

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Also to promote ElkArte I'm thinking about doing 1x giveaway this theme for free as I did for SMF. What do you guys think about 5 euro as a starting price for few months?

Re: [Theme] EAflat

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There is going to be a giveaway ? Hope I will win. 5 Euros seems affordable.

Re: [Theme] EAflat

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Yup, I'm just waiting to completely finish theme and get more members, as it's supposed to make some noise for the start up :)

Re: [Theme] EAflat

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The "bubble" icons should be squared too, then it'd be perfect. :)

Re: [Theme] EAflat

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I like it this way :)

Re: [Theme] EAflat

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That would be too much of "squareiness" :)

Re: [Theme] EAflat

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The theme is ready for launch! If you want to get it, just send me a private message.

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Quote from: CrimeS – Thank you for the feedback!

I'm going to be making discounts for ElkArte members, but that's when the theme reaches it's beauty peak.

I hope discount means free, in this case. :D

Jk, anyways, nice theme! :)

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Hmm, it seems this Theme is not anymote available...
on the linked site is now a Jimmy Choo Shopping sites for women´s clothing...
I like this theme and would like to know, if it is still available to buy and will it work with
Elkarte 1.1.1 ?
Many thanks.


Re: [Theme] EAflat

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@CrimeS did you ever release this to be able to buy? It's really nice.