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New PM on top

We have discussed this before, but I cannot find the relevant thread. Kindly put new PMs on top of PM list. Today, I got a PM from @emanuele and I had to browse through 4 pages and at the bottom I could find the latest PM to me.

Re: New PM on top

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You can choose this in your profile, meetdilip.
It also can be changed when you are looking at your PMs.

Re: New PM on top

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Today I had a very bad day and is not finished yet, so bear with my bad mood.

Quote from: meetdilip – How did you make it that way ? What is " conversation " ?
Three months ago you reply:
And now you ask what is conversation?

You posted a screenshot and I told/spelled you what you were looking for (the third option in that screen you posted here ) and I didn't give you an answer?
I can understand a similar reaction from a total noob, but as far as I understood you are not really a noob.

I know it sounds rude, but honestly today I can't smooth it more than what I already did.
Bugs creator.
Features destroyer.
Template killer.

Re: New PM on top

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Really sorry. I guess I missed doing it after seeing the thread. Anyways, all is good now.