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Recently, I was curious on how various software which allow adding tags mix them in code. In Burning Board, I saw that they are added as meta-keywords. But according to Matt Cutts, meta-keywords are not taken into account. Xenforo on the other hand adds a class " tag " and lists the tags. What will be the best way to add tags to a thread then ? Does it really help in SEO ?

Update : vB4 too uses it as meta-keywords

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I thought SEO is a myth to experts? :P There is a github page that lists latest practice for header, but unfortunately, I couldn't recall for the time being. Somebody may point that out...

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I would guess not that much. Almost close to nothing.

The reason some forums are using them as keywords could just be because in the Good Old DaysTM that was the natural placement for tags in the meta area.
Nowadays put out the keywords meta is just a waste of bandwidth (except someone still loudly think it's a fundamental piece of SEO, even against the words by google... power of myths?), so tags could be useful for they real purpose: help users navigate similar content on your website.

Does XF have tags in the core? I thought it was an addon.
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Tags can be used by newsreaders.

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Quote from: emanuele – Does XF have tags in the core? I thought it was an addon.
Yes, since 1.5 version, released about 1 year ago
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In your newsfeed, you can stick something like

Code: [Select]
<category scheme="http://whatever" term="blabla"/><category scheme="http://whatever" term="albalb"/>

Then many feedreaders can use that information for automated grouping or just display it for information. It's no different than how meta keywords might be used.

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Quote from: ahrasis – I thought SEO is a myth to experts?
What experts? Google? Bing? They say otherwise.
Depends on what you mean by "SEO". For the most part it just means building a proper website in the first place, although it can mean small adjustments in e.g. copy-editing practices.