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Default 1.1 theme, variant for,115438.0.html

As you can see, your default theme did not go over very well there. Maybe they're a bit spoiled? I also tried to import the latest Silence theme, but it seems to be totally broken, at least with Simple Portal. Lots of SVG objects scattered about and sized to 33-50% of the entire viewport.

Maybe someone here can help with some of these issues as well? Some of them seem to apply to the default theme still, such as the avatar picture in the account menu button shrinking enough to expose the button background for 1px or so on 2 or 4 of the border edges at the mobile sizes. And the Home or Forum button having no default icon. (The class string is "icon icon-menu icon-lg ")

Re: Default 1.1 theme, variant for

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I don't see many issues apart the missing icon...
There is a bug that doesn't invalidate the cache of the css/javascript, so it may be also that if you are seeing the theme completely broken.
I plan to release a fix in a week or so (heading home right now after a week around) the time to have some more testing and it should be good.
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