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Jorin's playground

Okay, I won't open topic after topic after topic for my theme studies. I will use this topic instead.  O:-)

I am very glad to present my newest creation which has no name yet.  :D  There are only some design studies for mobile devices at the moment. Let's start with the description of the general layout and the thoughts behind it.

The goal is to keep things simple and easy to understand. When you use any mobile app these days you most of the time have to swipe to navigate through it. So swipe gestures are something you are used to already. NoNameYet uses swipe gestures too.


The whole thing is divided into different sections.


"Titel des Forums": On top there's the forum's title of course.

"Hauptmenü": Beneath the main menu with buttons for: index | search | notifications | messages | moderation and administration (if you have permission) | profile (on the right).

"Primäre Navigationsebene": This is the primary navigation section. In the middle it shows your exact position. On the left can be an arrow to show you you can navigate back or on the left and right can be different pages to navigate to. In board index for example this can be the previous or next topic depending on your current position. You can swipe left and right on this section to navigate through this section - change topics by swipe!

"Sekundäre Navigationsebene": This is the secundary navigation section, depending on your current position. When you visit topics it can show the number of pages in the middle, you can then swipe left and right to change the pages.

"Autor": This level or section shows informations about the author of the following text, which is shown directly beneath.

"Signatur des Autors": This is the authors signature of course.

"Neu erstellen": At the very bottom on the right corner an icon let you create new topics or themes, depending on your current position. Showing a list of topcis inside a board you can start a new topic by clicking on this icon. Reading a topic, you can create an answer.


mobile_index_abc.png mobile_index_new.png

The primary section shows two options: In the middle it says "Boards (Abc)", which informs you that you are seeing all of the boards in alphabetical order. "Themen" on the left allows you to swipe to the left, which then leads to a new page with all topics, no matter in which board they are. These two pages can be sorted alphabetically "(Abc)" or newest on top "(Neu)" - user can choose simply by tapping on it.

Boards with new answers in topcis have a little red "Neu" in front of their title.

Important topics can be pinned of course and have a nice red background then.

To visit a board you can simple tap on it in the index.

Have you seen the little bars on the left of each boards? These bars are showing the number of topics inside a board in relation to the overall number of topics of the whole forum. Most popular topics have larger bars. Easy to understand, or not?

Board index


Shows a list of topics inside a board. The view can be changed between alphabetical order "(Abc)" or newest on top "(Neu)", just as the overall index can be changed. No difference here.

Topics show a little preview text of the first post, so you know what the topic is about. Beneath it the topic starter and starting date is shown. Beneath that the latest post author and date is shown.

Bars on the left are showing the number of posts inside a topic in relation to the boards overall number of posts. Topics with more posts in it have larger bars. Easy.

To visit a board you can simple tap on it in the board index.

You can swipe to the left and the right in the secondary navigation section to change between different topics. The topic titles are shown in this section.

Topic view


Visiting a topic you can see all posts of course. You can see the post number, the author, his avatar and date and time of the post on the left top of each post. Beneath the text of the post you can see attachments and the author's signature.

On the top right there's a button to quote. When you tap on it, you can tap on other posts to - or just this one. The icon changes to a green one, marking posts you wanted to quote. Then you can click on the plus icon on the bottom right to quote the marked posts.


Thats all for now. I hope you can follow my thoughts, as english isn't my nature language I am not very good with it. If you have questions, you are welcome to ask!  :)