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Topic: Default Theme in RDFa (with for v.1.1.5 (Read 2620 times) previous topic - next topic
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Default Theme in RDFa (with for v.1.1.5

I'm going to start coding this up this week. I was about halfway through converting v.1.0.something on my last project before it vaporized. So here I am anew, upgrading my efforts to v.1.1.5. I'll keep you posted and plan to share.

Re: Default Theme in RDFa (with for v.1.1.5

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Sounds like a good project, keep us posted :D
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Re: Default Theme in RDFa (with for v.1.1.5

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Message Icons will have a semantic value in my RDFa edit. I'd like to make a distinction between questions, events, and regular posts, this distinction (icons and semantic markup) are included in search results as well. Oh, and I added a custom message icon for Events and defaulted the icon value to it when calendar-posting.

As for the other message icons: some could convey ReactActions (scroll down to "More specific Types" ) and others are probably useless in this manner, if so i'll remove them. That's my update.