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Folder Icons!!

I personally preferred the folder icons used in 1.0 over the flat ones used in 1.1.  Was the change out of preference or just out of moving to svg?  I've tossed together a quick svg version of the old design.  Attached are two pngs showing it at the old board icon size and a larger size.  Would this be something you are interested in having?  It's just a quick conversion of the left most board icon using inkscape using a solid back and a gradient front.  Two colors define it.  Actually I think I left the stroke on and solid but that can be removed.

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Re: Folder Icons!!

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Mostly just a result in moving to SVG, I recall we pulled most all of the icons from a common icon library collection so they were related to one another.  I've used more stylized ones (again from collections since I don't know inkscape) in the separation and silence themes.  You can see those at

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Re: Folder Icons!!

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