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Thank you, SpudsMan! Yes, it works.

Quote from: emanuele – TBH, I'm not sure "how" MIs (== MessageIcons) are used...this would give a lot of possibilities, but then to change the order of one icon that you use on all the boards you'd have to edit all the boards one by one (or have another quite confusing interface)...

Argh, yeah. I knew I was missing something.

I'm trying to think how I actually expect or would use them, and have almost no answer at all, because I usually don't set message icons on a post. Exceptions are that, exceptions. And I never enable customization on my forums. So you need more input from people who care about it.

But! I can always theorize.  O:-)

Taking a step back...

Why would you want 'wink' to be in a board the 3rd, and in another the 5th? It's not meaningful... I just don't see why you, as admin, would achieve something relevant when you change the order for your members... Because, I think you, the admin, have only 2 basic cases: users who don't care about MIs, and usually don't set them. These won't even notice that it's the 3th or the 5th, once in a blue moon when they use it. And, users who care and use them often, feel like winkin' all the time to 'mark' their posts. These might care, and be annoyed that in a board is here and in another there... mmm, and even them not so really.
Most likely IMHO it matters:
  • which is default (cuz you'll post with it)
  • and that the essentials are available. (the default MIs)
The rest can be done in some way. That's why if order is customizable for the forum, ok, I don't know if the customizability of icons and their order per multiple boards (even per board) helps you achieve something.
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Yes...and that's the sort of thoughts I had.
I mean: if you have 10 MIs they are the same in all of the boards. Likely in the same exact order too not to confuse people I'd say.

Okay, I misunderstood a bit your explanation before, now I got it.
So you would have one page to "just" add a new MI and set the boards where this MI will appear. But then define the order inside each board setting page. Is that correct?
I think it would become confusing...people would have to go to one page to add something, then to another to do something else related to the previous step...too much jumping around.

Another possibility (but that would require a bit more work), could be: use the current interface with my proposed changes, then add a "filter" to show only the board icons "per board" (including the "all boards") and allow to sort them "freely". That solution implies that if an icon is moved to an "impossible" position the file is duplicated with a new name, the icon "cloned" using the new file and it will be displayed as two in the "main" panel (i.e. the place where all the MIs are listed).

Not sure if written makes sense... lol

Now that I think about it with a bit of alcohol in the blood, there is a person that posted bugs regarding my mod: Jade, she seems to use MIs more than us, she may have some comment and/or suggestion on that.

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Umm, why is this desirable at all? I honestly can't see any circumstance where I would want to use this. Complicating the default package with this feature seems rather pointless. I really do think it would be best left as a mod.
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In my opinion this should be kept as an official mod. You could even consider completely removing message icons (as Norv suggests here: and maintaining the improved version as an official mod. Keep the layout as simple as possible with only standard topic, "topic you have posted in", "sticky topic" and "locked topic" icons on the left. If message icons mod is installed it can create a second column next to the topic icons as in SMF 2.0.x.