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Install and upgrade localization

I'm starting to wonder if it make sense to keep them.

Apart from the fact I doubt people are going to download the package, download the languages, upload both and then install[1], there are pieces of the interface that are not and cannot be translated (unless we do lots of tricks), I'm thinking to the messages we use in the "sql" files, those are always in English.

So, what would you think if the install and the upgrade were "English-only"?
I think the general behaviour is download => install => go to the admin page and download/install the lang-pack.
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Re: Install and upgrade localization

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I think you are right. First download, then install, then more languages. So forget about install strings.

Re: Install and upgrade localization

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I agree with you guys  ;)
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Re: Install and upgrade localization

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Unless there's a way for the preferred lang pack to be selected, downloaded and deployed in the very first step of the install process, those strings are pretty much pointless.