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POST hates me.

Okay, I was working on moving the languages to their own dir:
I was testing the admin panel and I realised that editing "large" files the entries are not saved.
The reason is that $_POST['save_entries'] is lost... well, actually not only that, any entry of the arrays after a certain limit (I didn't dig too much into the limits) is cut.

Large files for example like index.{language}.php or Admin.{language}.php, so about few hundreds lines.

SMF 2.0 is affected as well, so it's not something introduced by the recent development.

It's not a post_max_size issue (I have it set to 800 MB, while we are talking about some 70 KB), any idea what else could it be?

I didn't post in bug reports because I'm not sure it is a bug, but maybe just something wrong in my configuration.

Re: POST hates me.

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probably the php module suhosin? I've seen this several times....

Re: POST hates me.

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Nope, it's my localhost, so a plain php (5.3.17) coming with OpenSuse.

phpinfo attached.