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Re: [Ask] nginx vs Apache+nginx?

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Not at all, Bea. I am happy to translate future releases of ElkArte and offer the language files here. But I don't have time to work on it before end of june.  O:-)

Re: [Ask] nginx vs Apache+nginx?

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Just of curiosity: are there any incompatibilities between new and old language packs or are the latter just incomplete?

Re: [Ask] nginx vs Apache+nginx?

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As some strings have changed there should be error messages using the old language pack with Elk 1.1 in your error log. You can ignore them though, they are not crashing any functionality. If a string is missing in the german language files, Elk should be so clever to use it from the original english 1.1 language file instead. Therefor your users may see some english texts in their german board.

But if you can wait a few weeks longer, the german language pack for 1.1 should be ready.  O:-)

Re: [Ask] nginx vs Apache+nginx?

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That's a great work. I haven't started on 1.1 yet. 1.0 also is not 100% ready though is usable.