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Stress Creation

There is one vehicle on the planet that costs more per mile to operate than any other.

•More than a Semi Truck..
•More than an Abrahams Tank
•More than a B2 Bomber
•More than a Saturn 5 Rocket!
•More, even, than an Aircraft Carrier!!

It's the most environmentally fueled vehicle on the planet. It has zero emissions, no carbon foot print, and requires very little maintenance...

They can (and do) go anywhere - they've been found on paved roads, gravel roads,  mountain trails, beach sand, lakes, rivers, canals, you name it...

It's not all that big (you can put several, even dozens of them parked in the space of a compact car). Consequently, if you have a large family, you might even have to drive two at a time!

It didn't start out all that expensive to operate, however..

Do you know the reason why it costs so much to operate today? Choose one..

(a) Government Regulations
(b) Government Subsidies
(c) Government Debt
(d) All of the above

If you picked (d) you are correct.

And unless you make it even more expensive by paying someone else  (Uber, etc.) to drive it for you, YOU probably drive one often!

Do you know what it is?


Something to avoid thinking about, huh?



// Deep inside every dilemma lies a solution that involves explosives //