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Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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Make sure that you have both of the following options checked in the addons control panel

  • Apply fancybox to images added with the [img] bbc tag
  • Convert photo share links to display the full sized image

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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I tried the problem continues
I sent the information PM

sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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Got it ... taking a look now

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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Well I did find a couple of issues that have been corrected, @gevv has the new code on the site for testing.

One issue was images on postimg could have wrong img source in the page that is fetched vai the proxy.   Found a work around / check for that condition.  Seems more like an error on their end but at least there was a work around for that one example.

Second was one of my favorite issues, a regex backtrack_limit exhaustion.   I tweaked the regex to be less "exhaustive" and put in a catch should it occur as well.

Once I know things are working correctly I'll push an official update.

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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I would like to use fancybox on a Simple Portal page or article, is it possible to do that?
sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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It should work on front page blocks, but I've not checked to see if it works on an article or page image. 

I'm guessing you tried and it did not work  O:-)

Anyway yes it should be possible and not very difficult.

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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I tried both, pages and articles but fancybox is not active on images :(
sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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Forgot about this one, sorry.  I'll need to make an update to simpleportal or fancybox so they are aware of each other.  I'll open the issue on fancybox so I remember to take a look at this.

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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French translation in attachment

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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Thank you ... I've updated the package with the translation and updated fancybox from 2.1.5 to 2.1.6 as well.

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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GitHub Down </3

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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Hi, the download to this add-on doesn't seem to be available anymore, at least not from the Package Manager in ElkArte.

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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Looks like I had the wrong file name in the package file vs github.  Should be corrected now so please try again.

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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installed Fancybox and now if I click on an image, first opens the "original" elk_lightbox and then on top the fancy light box. So the I have then to close to lightboxes if I want to leave them.
How can I deactivate the integrated elk_lightbox and leave only the fancybox?

I am using ElkArte 1.1RC1, be social template.

Re: [ADDON] Fancybox

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I've attached a copy that should work with 1.1  ...  just replace the fb4elk.subs.php file in your /sources/subs directory with the one attached.