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Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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I tried responding a couple times and my replies don't show up after using the quick reply. I wasn't aware there was a distinction for support. My apologies, there is no support for the mod at SMF forum so I thought I could ask here where the mod was made.

Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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The mod wasn't made here, though. The mod here is a modified version designed for ElkArte (a derivative of SMF), and there is no support here for the original SMF version.

Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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The mod was originally made by @Arantor, this version was converted and is supported by @Spuds. There are numerous differences between the two versions, although they come from the same heritage.

I don’t believe the SMF version is supported anymore other than via general help over at SMF.

Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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Okay thank you

Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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Been working on an update to the Gallery:smiley_cat:  I'm going to release it as version 1.2.0

Thus far here is what I have done:
  • Add support for WEBP Images
  • Implement news/version information to the gallery dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where the UI thumbnail (bulk upload) was only showing the generic and not the actual image thumbnail.  The files uploaded fine, just UI was wrong.
  • As above for single item upload in certain i nstances.
  • Added tab navigation in several areas, providing  quick navigation options  The options were available in the sidebar menu, but some users failed to look there.  This simply adds (some) of the same options top and center.
  • PHP 8.1 support
  • ElkArte 1.1.9 support
  • Improved visibility of "Arrange" albums, which is how you create nested album folders.  It now shows as a tab in many album list views.
  • Added full My/Member/Site/Group album views to the "See Albums" area.  There was not a "see all" kind of view in the previous release.  (still need to add pagination)
  • Updated getid3 to the latest (to get 8.1 support)
  • Updated chart js to the latest.  Implemented it's use on the gallery stats page and updated its use on the admin gallery dashboard.
  • Various UI tweaks

Not sure what else I will do at this point, but if you have ideas/suggestions, now is the time

Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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Quote from: Spuds –  
  • Added full My/Member/Site/Group album views to the "See Albums" area.  There was not a "see all" kind of view in the previous release.  (still need to add pagination)
If I am not wrong I asked for this or something similar, I need to test it
sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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I'll put up a beta package for testing .... still working through a bunch of other addons that needed minor updates for PHP8+ and/or Elk1.1.9 ... But after that will get this posted

Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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Doing a few more updates
  • Added support for start time links for YouTube embedded videos
  • Dropped mediaelement.js dependency
  • Add new tag features.
    • Allow selection of tags when adding items
    • Allow admin to set a list of allowed tags with option to allow users to also add (use their own) to that set.
    • Tag selection box based on ACP tags, plus any tags added by members (with tags used in albums they can add to)
  • Few more minor php8 issues
  • CSS updates, moved a couple of areas to flexbox, better shadows, more

Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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Here is a preliminary copy of 1.2.0 for testing for those who have time.

I think I've noted the main changes in the above posts, there are lots of little changes as well.  This does have the pagination for user albums (main view and user album view), also noted as a todo in the previous posts.  I'm sure I'll make some more updates before final, but I'm close to moving off this for a bit. 

I've done all my testing on 1..1.9 (also prelim) and PHP 8.1, so that combination should be solid.  I've also tested the importer with avea on this level and it also appears to work fine. 

As noted somewhere back in this thread, when you import an album with PDF files, it will be S L O W .. this is nothing to do with this addon, but with the getid3 library it uses.  PDF's are one of those loose standards so importing takes time as the library simply has to check every bit to get the data it wants, plus it creates are real thumbnail of the file, not just a generic image.  It works fine, but if this is your setup, set timeouts on your web/php server to 300 or you may get the dreaded 504 error due to a timeout.  This is only an issue with importing and large PDF files.

ETA: 1.2.0 Attachment removed, the opportunity to provide feedback has passed !
Last Edit: November 21, 2022, 08:26:08 pm by Spuds

Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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And a few more updates.

  • Add the mark as seen to the album view tabs (in addition to the sidebar)
  • Add a new "mark all as seen" to the unseen view, otherwise you had to navigate into each album with unseen items
  • When viewing an album with no items but with sub albums, the sub albums placards will show.  This is really just to provide more visual interest to those album pages
  • Added a couple of recent/random helpers, mainly for portals.  Allow one to choose recent items or just recent images.
  • Template/CSS tweaks as what I had done was stomping on the core headers (only happened/appeared with some custom themes)
  • Added pagination to the views I added
  • As always, other bug fixes

I've noted about the slow PDF thumbnail creation, here are the basics.  AFAIK they will only be created when using Imagick not GD.  Imagick will load a PDF file and delegate to ghostscript for the actual creation of the thumbnail (based on the first page of the PDF).  Its ghostscript that, on larger PDF files, really slows down the process.  That said having true image thumbnails for PDF files is very nice and worth the import time.

If you run the importer or simply add a PDF to your existing gallery, and you get the generic PDF icon, and you are sure you are using Imagick, then the issue could be do to Imagick security policies.  In my install they deny (per default) PDF operations, so covers can't extracted.  You have to allow it (by commenting out) in the PDF line in the policy.xml file of Imagick (my was located in etc/Imagemagick-6) YMMV  I also had to increase the allowed memory for a really large PDF, but try the defaults first.

Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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Time for another update of where I am on 1.2.0

  • Added ability to add album descriptions (optional), they were not available prior to this. Allows for BBC use in them
  • Add album description import (at least to aeva, its the only db I have to test import)
  • As noted in a post above, with imagick, pdf and ghostscript you could run into a very slow import, and you have to use a small chunk size.  I tweaked the importer (again aeva at this time) so it imports 'docs' first with a small chunk and then images/other with a large chunk.  Really this was for me as it speed up import testing.  Everyone else this was a one time thing, but not for me !
  • Added the new album description to the search functions
  • Updated several of the album UI pages as I needed someplace to show the new description as well as allow for adding/editing (couple of pics attached).
  • Created a back navigation button when viewing albums to speed surfing.
  • Removed duplication in the child album area when there are multiple owners using the same child albums/order, this is difficult to explain so I will not try.
  • Fixed a couple of things I did wrong  :zipper_mouth: 

Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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I uninstalled this and now I get this error when try to access a topic or try to start a topic.

Code: [Select]
Class '\ElkArte\sources\subs\MentionType\Lgcomment_Mention' not found

Code: [Select]
Type of error: General
Exception: Class '\ElkArte\sources\subs\MentionType\Lgcomment_Mention' not found
File: /sources/modules/Mentions/MentionsModuleAbstract.class.php
Line: 42

Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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Sounds like enabled_mentions key in your settings db table still has Lgcomment in it ... should have been removed during uninstall.  I know that works on the "soon" 1.2 but must have been an error back on the last released or beta version

Using phpmyadmin or adminer or whatever you use, open elkarte_settings table, find the key enabled_mentions it will look something like buddy,mentionmem,quotedmem,lgcomment,likemsg,rlikemsg  and remove lgcomment from the string

Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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Also if you see a lgnew in that string ... remove it

Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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That did the job.
Funny how that was only an issue on one site.
I had it installed on 2 and uninstalled it from both.
The other site didn't have any issues.