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Re: Simplify the post area

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Quote from: emanuele – So, about removing checkboxes:
Notify me of replies. <= sort of useful I think
Lock this topic. <= useful (even though every time I want to post a locked topic I forgot about the check and come back to lock it later)
Return to this topic. <= this should be removed I'm right, your wrong.. There is already a setting, give the option at each post level is kind of overkill to me.
Sticky this topic. <= same as "lock"
Don't use smileys. <= this is a pain IMO. It requires an entire column in the db for what? I don't think it's worth the hassle, but more feedback is very welcome.
Move this topic. <= never used, reasoning of lock and stick may apply.
* Approve this post. <= should be useful.

Is posting unapproved posts even useful anymore with drafts?

As far as the rest, I agree that the only real benefit is Notify. Then again, that's also a profile setting, and it's available on the topic page; the only way I can see someone missing this is if they have 'Return to topic on posting' disabled, which I doubt many do.

Re: Simplify the post area

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Necro-Bump !!:bone:

The load draft area is no longer included by default on the post page,  IF you do have saved drafts for a topic you will see a "load drafts" button along with the other standard buttons like post, preview, save draft.

Click the button and the drafts will be ajax fetched and a selection box for you to choose from will be displayed.

This should make it easier to realize you have drafts for a topic, and we have a little less clutter on the cluttered post page

You will see this change next time I update the site :wink:


Re: Simplify the post area

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interesting information