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Convert SMF to Elk

So I have looked around and didn't find anything obvious but it there an official SMF to Elk convertor or is this the one that I need?

Re: Convert SMF to Elk

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Trying to convert forum with the file linked above and it keeps giving me this error when I try to do the conversion:

QuoteThis importer was unable to find Wedge in the path you specified. Please double check the path, and that it is already installed there.

I have my ElkArte forum installed in


and my smf forum is in


and the convertor files, import.php, import_en.xml, smf2_importer.xml, are in the root of the elk folder. I enter the path for smf as


and enter my database password and click the Continue button and get the above error.

Does one of the forums need to be inside the other forum in a subfolder?

Just in case it matters....table prefix in the smf database is "smf_" and elk is "elkarte_".
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Re: Convert SMF to Elk

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Nevermind....I got it to work by installing ElkArte into a subfolder within the SMF root folder. Imported flawlessly after that.