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German language files (informal) for 1.1.9 Started by Ruth · · Read 41254 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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I left "most" and "members" out of there now, Spuds. In german those buttons would have been too long.
Correct translations of Most Liked Members and Most Like Giving Members would have been:
Benutzer, die die meisten "Gefällt mir" erhalten haben (or Mitglieder mit den meisten erhaltenen "Gefällt mir") and
Benutzer, die die meisten "Gefällt mir" gegeben haben (or Mitglieder mit den meisten gegebenen "Gefällt mir")
Both did not look nice to me on the buttons, so my buttons just say Likes Recieved and Likes Given now:

like stats.jpg

It would be a lot better, if this 2 strings could be 4 strings in future. 2 strings for the buttons and 2 for the description:

Code: [Select]
$txt['like_post_tab_mlmember'] = 'Erhaltene "Gefällt mir"'; (means "Likes Recieved", original in english: Most Liked Members)
$txt['like_post_tab_mlgmember'] = 'Gegebene "Gefällt mir"'; (means "Likes Given", original in english: Most Like Giving Members)

With 4 strings short buttons would be possible. After a click on the buttons, people could read then two different, proper sentences about what they will see here: The "Top 10" of members, who recieved or gave the most likes on forum - and some of the posts or topics, where this happened.

Also the other buttons there should have their own string. They should be all in plural, not a mixture of singular and plural. Looks strange to me. At the moment it has to be "Posts", "Topic" and "Board" (or "Boards") on the buttons. "Topic" is not correct there in singular, because this section tells not just about one topic. But the string "Topic" is also used in another context, where the plural "topics" would be wrong.

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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Translation of all files is more time consuming, than I thought.

Somehow i got a parse error in one of the files, which has about 700 lines.
Took me 3 days to work on this file.
I cannot find the mistake. I need to do this one again from the beginning.  :huh:

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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If you have an error you probably have the line number, try posting those lines here.
sorry for my bad english

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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That is a common problem if we are translating directly to the file. I am not sure whether we still have our site for translation but we do have them before.

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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I dont know the line with the mistake, Radu. Parse error does not tell me the number of the line.

It is  somewhere in Help.german.php.  I controlled this file a few times, without finding the mistake(s).
A lot of of strings had been missing there, so I think,  I made a mess with copy and paste in one or more parts. :rolleyes:

The error in ACP only occurs, if I click on the settings for attachments or on the core features,
all other sections are working well. I uploaded the file a few times for trying and testing while editing it.
But I did not check every section often enough, so I noticed the mistake too late, when file was almost done.

I will work in smaller parts now and try all parts and sections more often, this way i might find the mistake.

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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Post the file with the error here, I bet I can find the issue  :smiley:

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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Thank you, Spuds.  :smiley:

If I fail again now, I will show this bloody file :angry:  to you.
(Before I throw my laptop out of the window, what I almost did a few days ago) :wink:

Some of the files and specially the help files are really a pain for translating. There is still some old stuff in it (SMF), which is no more used or working different now. Also some explainations are not really helpful, they repeat only, what you see and read already, before you click on the question mark. Other help strings have too much text, things sometimes could be explained shorter.

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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A while ago, that i did such things.... :embarrassed:  of course it told me the lines. I only looked at the error message, but not in the error log, which i did right now.

I had 3 mistakes in my first file, one string was just halfway copied
and there was a missing = and this , instead of this of this one ; :rolleyes:

Together with this lines in Help.german.php there was also an error in the error log in sources/subs/TemplateLayers.class.php on line 131

This erorr was 3 days ago. It said: Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given
I made a screenshot. But think, this had just to do with my mistakes? This error did not appear again now.

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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Thank you so much, @Ruth ! Great job! When you need some help with explanations I can give you a hand.

I think we need some kind of versioning of the language files, but at least a reliable identification of which files have changed with the last update. At some point I stopped translating because I lost the overview of which strings were new or had changed.

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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Thank you, Jorin. Your files had been a great help for me. :smiley:

I cannot find this string, it is used if you insert a link.
It says "description (optional)" in english.

It is not in Editor.english.php/Editor.german.php, could also not find it in any other file yet.

Is this "description" created somewhere else?

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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:shocked:  :shocked:  :shocked: Indeed its missing !

In the language file Editor.english.php there should be a line $editortxt['Description (optional):'] = 'Description (optional):'; just add that at the end of the file (just in the German language file is fine) and it will display correctly.

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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Thank you, Spuds. :smiley:

There is another string, I could not find yet - the "wellcome for the admin".  (I also cannot find this wellcome-string for Moderators. But for some reason there is still the german text to read in Moderator Center.)

This strings are not in ManageSettings.english.php/ManageSettings.german.php

The admin- wellcome is not displayed in german to me, if I enter ACP as an admin:

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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The welcome string is $txt['admin_main_welcome'] and is in the Admin.english.php file.  It also uses the $txt['admin_center'] from Index.english.php (which looks like you have translated) which is why it may be hard to find.

The moderation string is $txt['mc_description'] and is in ModerationCenter.english.php, is also substitutes in your display name.

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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Thank you, Spuds. I found them now.

ModerationCenter.german.php will also need some work on it, which saw right now.

9 files are completly done yet, another one almost. So 6 files are left to do, if I am right.
Almost in all of them are some or a lot of strings without translation yet.

This are 39 files all together - out of them 16 needed or will need changings/new translations (I hope, it won't be more)

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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Another error...I tried both language files, german and english.

On line 154 in PersonalMessage.english.php/PersonalMessage.german.php

Code: [Select]
$txt['pm_rule_mid'] = 'Sender name';

This string leads to an error, if I try to create a new rule for PM.
Error log says:

Type of error: General
Warning: Illegal string offset 'mid'
on Line: 2038