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German language files (informal) for 1.1.9 Started by Ruth · · Read 41117 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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That is a php 8 :bug:  that you found :cry:

There are two bugs
line 2035 reads $js_rules = ''; and needs to be $js_rules = [];
line 2043 reads $js_labels = ''; and needs to be $js_labels = [];

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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Don't cry, Spuds

Noone is using this for least my members don't....

There is the entire part missing for creating rules on the new server....i just compared it with my "old forum"

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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I dared to try this changings now. This section for creating rules is there now  and it seems to work.
But I cannot complete this action with rules and labels completly.
The name of the rule has to be now in such [NAME] if i create a new one? (see screenshot)


There is another error now in the log in PersonalMessage.controller.php on line 2186
it says: Warning: A non-numeric value encountered
Code: [Select]
if ($type === 'lab' && (!isset($this->_req->post->labdef[$ind]) || !isset($context['labels'][$this->_req->post->labdef[$ind] - 1])))

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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[NAME] can be whatever the user chooses, perhaps Enter a name  or Enter a name for the rule would be more useful.  That default is stored in $txt['pm_rule_name_default']  in the PersonalMessage language file.

Quote from: Ruth – There is another error now in the log in PersonalMessage.controller.php on line 2186
Try the attached version and see if that fixes that error.

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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Thank you very much, Spuds!

There are no more errors in the log now.
I can create new rules unlimited and also without this [ ] "brackets" surrounding their names. (This i meant before)

But I can only create one Label. I can change the name of it, but there will be just one Label?

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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You should be able to

- enter a name in the box that says label name (in the lower section)
- then click the add new label button.

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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I cannot type there in this lower section - no cursor, no reaction.

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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Oh sorry, Spuds.... :embarrassed:

I just saw it on the screenshot here, that there is a small field in the middle of this lower section.

I have very bad eyes and did not see it on forum first
I tried to type more left first. :rolleyes:


Creating of more labels is working and I can use them for the rules.
No more errors in the log. :smiley:  Thank you very much!

This field for new labels is a lot easier to see here for me.  I uploaded your file there now as well.
Last Edit: March 20, 2023, 11:48:36 am by Ruth

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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I agree its not a great layout.

In 2.0 I'll at least move the button next to the text/label input box, that should help.

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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Yes... :smiley:

I changed this string for new rules in PersonalMessage.german.php right now:

Code: [Select]
$txt['pm_rule_name_default'] = '[hier den neuen Regel-Namen eingeben]';

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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I hope, that this is not another bug....

I am working on the permission file at the moment. While controlling everything on test forum I noticed,
that this button "edit all" on the top and the bottom in this list of all boards does not react anymore?

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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Its another bug:bug:

Introduced in 1.1 Beta 2  :huh:

Replace your admin.js (in themes/default/scripts) with the attached one

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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Thank you, Spuds, it is working now on both forums.

I am a bit confused at the moment, because in the german permission file (line 64 to 70) and in the german help file there are still a couple of (old/wrong?) words and explainations about global and local permissions, also one is in the english help file. "Global" and "Local" are no more used as words in the english permission file, but in the german file they are still there:

Code: [Select]
$txt['permissions_modify_group'] = 'Modify Group';
$txt['permissions_general'] = 'General Permissions';
$txt['permissions_board'] = 'Default Board Profile Permissions';
$txt['permissions_board_desc'] = '<strong>Note</strong>: changing these board permissions will affect all boards currently assigned the &quot;Default&quot; permissions profile. Boards not using the &quot;Default&quot; profile will not be affected by changes to this page.';
$txt['permissions_commit'] = 'Save changes';
$txt['permissions_on'] = 'in profile';
$txt['permissions_local_for'] = 'Permissions for group';

Code: [Select]
$txt['permissions_modify_group'] = 'Gruppe ändern';
$txt['permissions_general'] = 'Generelle Berechtigungen';
$txt['permissions_board'] = 'Globale Board-Berechtigungen';
$txt['permissions_board_desc'] = 'Bitte beachte, dass Änderungen am Standard-Profil sämtliche Boards betreffen, denen dieses Profil zugeordnet ist.';
$txt['permissions_commit'] = 'Änderungen speichern';
$txt['permissions_on'] = 'im Profil';
$txt['permissions_local_for'] = 'Lokale Berechtigungen für die Gruppe';

For example this is wrong on line 292 in the german permission file, the english string tells it different and correct:
Code: [Select]
$txt['permission_by_board_desc'] = 'Hier kannst du einstellen, ob ein Board die globalen Berechtigungen benutzt oder ein anderes Berechtigungsprofil verwendet. Solltest du lokale Berechtigungen verwenden, kannst du im betreffenden Board für jede Benutzergruppe individuelle Berechtigungen angeben.';

Code: [Select]
$txt['permission_by_board_desc'] = 'Here you can set which permission profile a board uses. You can create new permission profiles from the &quot;Edit Profiles&quot; menu.';

Things are different since a long time now. "Global" is now  called "Default" and the "Standard Permission Profile" belongs to it. There is still a sort of "Local Permissions", but they are created and used different now. It is no more possible to change any permissions for a member group directly in a board, for example. This has to be done with another "permission profile" now, which is used in this board.

I am not sure, what to do now. There are some more strings with german expressions and explainations, which sound wrong to me. They might irritate or confuse people, which are looking for help about the permissions. I could explain things a bit more or just remove this old german helptexts and translate all this strings new? The same english strings are telling less and a bit different things.

But this english string in the helpfile (on line 496) is also not really "up to date"? It should tell about "default" or "standard" instead of "global"?

Code: [Select]
$helptxt['permissions_board']  = 'If a board is set to \'Global,\' it means that the board will not have any special permissions.  \'Local\' means it will have its own permissions - separate from the global ones.  This allows you to have a board that has more or less permissions than another, without requiring you to set them for each and every board.';
Last Edit: March 25, 2023, 04:58:33 am by Ruth

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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Another thing:

This two strings on line 498 and 499 in the helpfile are still displayed in english on test forum.
Code: [Select]
$helptxt['permission_enable_deny'] = 'Denying permissions can be useful when you want take away permission from certain members. You can add a membergroup with a \'deny\'-permission to the members you wish to deny a permission.<br /><br />Use with care, a denied permission will stay denied no matter what other membergroups the member is in.';
$helptxt['permission_enable_postgroups'] = 'Enabling permissions for post count based groups will allow you to attribute permissions to members that have posted a certain amount of messages. The permissions of the post count based groups are <em>added</em> to the permissions of the regular membergroups.';

the german strings had been like this before:
Code: [Select]

I added this "enable" in both strings, but there is still the english text on forum?

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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I change my test forum to German and those help strings are in German ?  Looking in that file I find
Code: [Select]
$helptxt['permission_enable_deny'] = 'Das Verbieten von Berechtigungen erlaubt es dir, bestimmte Funktionen gewählten Benutzergruppen zu entziehen. Dazu erstellst du z.B. eine benutzergruppe und verbietest dieser eine bestimmte Berechtigung.<br /><br />Benutze diese Option mit großer Vorsicht, da verbotene Berechtigungen den Benutzern nicht mehr zur Verfügung stehen, selbst wenn die Berechtigungen in einer anderen Gruppe erlaubt sind, der dieser Benutzer angehört.';
$helptxt['permission_enable_postgroups'] = 'Das Aktivieren der Berechtigungen für beitragsbasierende Gruppen erlaubt das Zuweisen von Berechtigungen an Benutzer mit einer bestimmten Beitragszahl. Diese Berechtigungen werden zu den bereits vorhanden <em>addiert</em>.';
So I'm not sure what to say.