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SMF 2.1

Has anyone tried converter a 2.1 to EA?

Re: SMF 2.1

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Yes, but it's been a looong time. If memory serves, a few database table/row names had to be altered in the script before it would complete.

The process was something like this: run the script to failure. The script should indicate the errant database non-conformity. Either change the table/row name in the script, or in the database being imported. Run again. 

It's a good practice to keep unaltered backups in at least two separate locations. Just in case!

The worst that happens is you wind up restoring the 2.1 install. After all, you have the database and all files in backup, right? ;D


Re: SMF 2.1

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Always have a backup before I do anything  :P

Re: SMF 2.1

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Problem there are still people thinking "I don't need a backup, nothing can go wrong."  ;)