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Fresh Install upgrade fail

Hi, I have just downloaded and installed v1-1-5 on ubuntu with PHP7.2

install appeared flawless but then instead of redirecting to the forum or admin pages redirected instead to to  'ElkArte Upgrade Utility' , i put in username and password and end up with...
Code: [Select]
Database Changes
Executing database changes
Please be patient - this may take some time on large forums. The time elapsed increments from the server to show progress is being made!
Executing: "" (0 of )

Database Updates Complete! Click Continue to Proceed.

Clicking continue does nothing, no errors, nothing in db_last_error.txt .

I manually set maintenance mode to '0' in Settings.php but still end up redirected to /install


Re: Fresh Install upgrade fail

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LOL , perhaps I was prompted ... but did not see ?  if I rename\remove install/  folder I end up in the forum.

So bug is probably now  :) that it might be good for a message instead for wombats like me to be displayed telling me to delete\rename the folder rather than leave me in an apparent upgrade loop.

Re: Fresh Install upgrade fail

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There is such message i.e. it depends on your web server. Some can delete automatically, some cannot.

Re: Fresh Install upgrade fail

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Welcome to!

Yep, a message is there, but apparently is not big enough for many people. xD
Anyway there is also some changes to avoid moving to upgrade after having just finished the install, but I think they were pushed only to development and not to 1.1... should check.
In the meantime I'll move that one out of bug reports. :)