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Re: [ADDON] PDF Print

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Okay, it's not a browser problem, I have the error with both IE and Chrome. Phew! But maybe it's a problem with the image resize addon, which I installed at the same time? Sadly I don't know if the problem appeared before or after the image resize addon installation.

It is PHP 5.6.29-nmm1 and Imagick 3.4.1. And GD seems to be there too, bundled (2.1.0 compatible).

Re: [ADDON] PDF Print

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Was finally able to duplicate the issue ... now on to fix it !

Re: [ADDON] PDF Print

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New version to test .. uninstall / delete the old and upload / install this one.

This also changes the button to say PDF, so whatever edit you made to do that should no longer be needed.

Re: [ADDON] PDF Print

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Thank you, I will try it tomorrow.

Re: [ADDON] PDF Print

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Thank you, it works with the new version!  :)

Re: [ADDON] PDF Print

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Updated package to support ElkArte 1.1

Re: [ADDON] PDF Print

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When clicking as a guest:

Code: [Select]
Fatal error: Call to undefined function fatal_lang_error() in /www/htdocs/xyz/hp_elkarte/sources/controllers/PDF.controller.php on line 55

Re: [ADDON] PDF Print

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Yup ... thats what we call a bug :D

I'll fix that shortly, but I'm also going to "hide" the PDF button for guests since its not supposed to work for them anyway.

Re: [ADDON] PDF Print

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I updated the package, it should now be available on the addon site.

Re: [ADDON] PDF Print

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Okay, but the button "print" (not PDF!) as a guest is still there. It seems this is the old function? I can't disable "print for guests" because there is no such setting in the groups permissions for guests.

Re: [ADDON] PDF Print

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Yeah I noted that the print button was still there (that has nothing to do with the addon).   I think to remove that you have to disable the print topic feature which I think is under the topic settings in the ACP.

Re: [ADDON] PDF Print

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If I do that, your PDF button is gone too.  :D

Re: [ADDON] PDF Print

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Yes ... I think the option is simply on or off and its not a permission based feature, kind of strange really.

Re: [ADDON] PDF Print

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Update to version 1.0.8

 - Updates to latest tfpdf library with better php 7.4 support.
 - Adds basic limited support for inline images/attachments.
 - Adds basic support for levertine gallery images.
 - Fixes several layout issues with below post attachments.

Note, gallery and inline images are only rendered as left aligned images, so what you see and what you get will be  different.  There are many cases/variations and I did not want deal with them all.  PR's are welcome if you want to improve on how images are handled.

See the first post for the link to the addon site

Re: [ADDON] PDF Print

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Can you add the ability to disable images all together for PDF Print?
Can you add the ability to see and use this addon based on permissions?
Thank you!