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MPDB Media-Passion-DataBase Started by shaitan · · Read 8591 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

MPDB Media-Passion-DataBase


9 year Old.
~ 52 000 Members,

Kodi French forum support and now too for our featured project
(like Imdb, Tmdb..).

Just converted 3 weeks ago from... SMF 1.14.
Yes, I know, completly outdated but for many raisons I can't explain here, I was not in capacity for updating it before last month.
With SMF, I had installed 112 Mods and few hacks. I hope a new record with Elkarte  :)  (Joke, I don't want many Mod, no need).

Elkarte was a marvellous suprise for me.
I Know Wedge, Nao, his developper, was hosted by me 5 year.
Nao talked me about Elkarte, I tried, it was a very good suprise. Elkarte is the best forum software in this part of the universe. I assume.

I used Open Importer, of course. Tried locally : 2h 45 for complete importation.
Same on line the D day.
I mind, something was wrong on my database, normally Open Importer  should not take so many time.
And now, all is ok. My community, developpers and many members helping me fort  translating the forum, Mods. We repairing somes problem like pretty url.. We have hard worked and now, all my members are very satisfied with Elkarte

Me to.  :D

Thank you for your patience for reading my very bad English.

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Re: MPDB Media-Passion-DataBase

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Very nice to hear about positive experiences! :D
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Re: MPDB Media-Passion-DataBase

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Thanks for giving ElkArte a try, and for all the feedback  :D  And thanks to @Nao for letting you know about us  :)

Re: MPDB Media-Passion-DataBase

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welcome to elkarte, I'm glad to see another forum powered by elkarte!

Just one little observation, you have a lot of members 52.000 and only 223.000 messages, the post ratio seems a bit low. Probably you had a lot of spammers registering to your forum 
sorry for my bad english

Re: MPDB Media-Passion-DataBase

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No spamers, I have explanations:
Many sections are now in private Archives. I think they don't appear inside stats, (I'm not sure of that. )
The other reason, for this one I'm sure, is that before I switch on Elkarte, the service was include inside my SMF installation. It's the reason I can't upgrade my forum before launching the service in a separate site. We have worked few years for rebuilding the service in a modern version developed with a Framework.
Kodi users are used my service, but also users from many others Mediacenter, like Plex and others..

For using the service, it was an obligation to be registered on the forum. But this part of members is not  very really a part of our community.

For spamers, I used http:bl and many methodes, we were quiet.
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Re: MPDB Media-Passion-DataBase

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Thanks for the explanation ;)
As for http:bl you may also use it on elkarte, it's into the core, and on my forums blocks a lot of spammers.
sorry for my bad english