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Re: [ADDON] Social Login and Register

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I think these mods are harmful because most spammers use them successfully

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Update 1.1.0.  This version now only works with ElkArte 1.1+ and PHP 7.x+  I really should come up with a better name for the addon:man_shrugging:

I have tested / validated this works with Google, Yahoo, Twitter, GitHub, Amazon.  You can register with those sites, or if you already have an site account you can simply "link" them (which allows you to login with a single click).

I have not test FB or LinkedIn.  Last time I looked, FB does not have a simple developer account, you had to do a full register and allow them to do a personal cavity search with their tentacles.  The process should work just like any others, I just can't tell you how to create the FB oAuth app.  Same for linkedin, where  I used to have a account, but they changed their TOS and direction several years ago so I dropped that account, as with FB they were broad in their collection of personal data and loose in using it.

  • Fix registration via social/provider sites not working (a 1.0.6 regression error)
  • Update model providers Yahoo and Twitter which were broken due to their API changes
  • Update other model providers as needed to lower scope (e.g. as for a little information as possible) and change default config values to be what we need for "login with"
  • Update the basic how-to docs for several providers
  • Template changes to better match 1.1 ElkArte structure.
  • Drop FA support and move  SVG icons for providers, changed them to color brand icons
  • Supports ONLY ElkArte 1.1.x
  • Change to only support PHP 7.x+

To get the addon you can do one of two things:
  • You can download the file from the Addons site and then upload that file to your server
    • Admin > Packages > Upload > Select the zip file you just downloaded > Upload
  • Or Download it directly to your site
    • Admin > Packages > Download Package > click "Browse" by "ElkArte Third-party Add-ons Site", expand Feature > External Authentication with Social Media Sites > [Download] (use the button)

Re: [ADDON] Social Login and Register

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syntax error, unexpected 'var' (T_VAR), expecting variable (T_VARIABLE)

Re: [ADDON] Social Login and Register

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Did you get a filename or line number where the error occurred?

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Quote from: Spuds – Did you get a filename or line number where the error occurred?
no, it does not show, but it is dreary to search by the poke method, I think the creator will figure it out faster

Re: [ADDON] Social Login and Register

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1.1.1 released