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Someone ate my panda.

Hey here's a weird one for you. I log in today, and for some reason my profile button at top right is showing Gevv's avatar instead of my avatar. First time it's done that. No idea what is causing it. Wasn't sure if it was a site bug or dev code bug, so put it here.

ETA: Oh yeah, his av is showing in this post too. Just found that out. Now I'm wondering if Gevv is getting my av when he logs in. :D

Re: Someone ate my panda.

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Nope. I just see a panda here. :D

Re: Someone ate my panda.

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Okay... That is weird.
Guessing it could be a caching issue (I mean server caching, not browser caching), maybe result of some clashing of ids, though this doesn't sound like a good thing.
I'll check this afternoon.

Re: Someone ate my panda.

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I don't have a panda   :)

Re: Someone ate my panda.

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Microcaching with nginx will definitely do that.  :D

Re: Someone ate my panda.

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Well, panda is back where he should be now. Just FYI. :)
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