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Profile help

I modified the gender field to only show male or female.

I updated my profile and selected male and saved it. But when I go to see my profile it shows this in the screenshot below.

Why doesn't it show the gender selected?

Re: Profile help

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I'll have to do that on my local and see if there is a template bug.  Stay tuned !

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I'll classify this one as:confused:

The fix is in the custom profile fields, where you set the male/female choices, there is a section labeled "Wrap user input in text (Optional):"  What is happening is that when you made the change in the choices, its simply pointing at the wrong icon.  To fix that you need to edit that field.

In there it currently says
Code: [Select]
<i class="icon i-{KEY}" title="{INPUT}"><s>{INPUT}</s></i>

but for what you are doing, it needs to instead say
Code: [Select]
<i class="icon i-{INPUT}" title="{INPUT}"><s>{INPUT}</s></i>

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Okay! What file do I need to make this change in?


Re: Profile help

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Same place where you changed the selections

In in the Admin panel under Configuration / Features and Options / Profile Fields