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[Theme] Lazy Day

Been a bit since I put a theme together, so here is a new one.   Called it lazy day since  that's how I feel .. always  :P

A light theme with shades of grey and blue, larger fonts and more contrast in text in some areas. The board index layout has changed for a cleaner look. The message index is redone to show the avatar first, and move topic page navigation to a single area. The topic display has an updated poster area where some items that were normally hidden in the drop down have been exposed. Has a slider quick login bar and a expanding search menu to jazz things up a bit.

Few other things here and there, I'm sure there are bugs, but

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Nice work. Thanks :)

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I like it. It's clean and simple without being too, ahem, green.

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Green is never enough! :P
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I like the attachment (is it ILA or something?). By the way, can we add like to each attachment, somehow?

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Looks good! Know you have to change the buttons a bit too.  ;)

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Themes looks nice, will try working with the theme.

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Quote from: Jorin – Looks good! Know you have to change the buttons a bit too.  ;)
Which ones in particular, and do you have suggestions  O:-)

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All the buttons.  :D

Maybe give them the same border as the author info in the post screenshot has. They don't really fit to the rest, IMO.  O:-)

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The packing need slight modification, when installed, all files goes to


instead of


So the theme doesn't work till you move all the files to the second path.

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Thanks for letting me know, I'll get it fixed.

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@Spuds How to change the color of mobile icon, it looks little dull in my mobile. So i want it little bright

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in the index_grey.css file you will find a section that says
Code: [Select]
	[data-icon]:before {
In there will be a color: #xxxxxx; change that to say #CCC; or #DDD;

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@Spuds Thanks a lot, finally figured the settings. And now it is good.