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Re: [Theme] Lazy Day

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Any chance an updated version will come out??

@Spuds font awesome is not working, how to fix it?
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Re: [Theme] Lazy Day

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How to rectify this error?

I am trying to use  Lazy Day them in Version 1.1.3, and when i visit the profile i get this error.

Re: [Theme] Lazy Day

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This theme is not compatible with elkarte 1.1.x.
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Re: [Theme] Lazy Day

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Yeah I've been trying to get that one updated for 1.1, attached is as far as I've gotten so far ... Not sure it will fix the bug you see or not (yet).

ETA added newer version below:
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Re: [Theme] Lazy Day

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@Spuds my bad, i should have contacted you first before start working on the theme.  :o

I was working on re-designing the theme in the middle i found the issues.

Now i need to re-work the CSS again... Thanks for the files, it fixed most of the issues. I don't know what else is need to be fixed. I will update this thread if i find a bug.

Re: [Theme] Lazy Day

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Thanks ... I've been very slow in getting my themes updated ... some are easy and some like this one are a bit more involved.

Re: [Theme] Lazy Day

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@Spuds so i can go ahead and start re-designing the theme again? Or is there any updation left?

Re: [Theme] Lazy Day

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Let me see what changes 1.1.4 may require and I'll upload a new file, it should then be good to go

ETA attached 1.1.4 tweaks as needed

ETA See later posts for an even newer version
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Re: [Theme] Lazy Day

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@Spuds Thank you so much, that was really quick. I will check and update you!

Re: [Theme] Lazy Day

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Oh thank you, I just installed ElkArte and this theme and had the same problem, until I downloaded the updated version you posted here.

Re: [Theme] Lazy Day

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For 1.1.5 you need to use the version uploaded at reply #52
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Re: [Theme] Lazy Day

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I really like this theme, but I made a fair few CSS additions to it. At first I stored these at the end to the original theme CSS files, which I know is not ideal. So I was happy to read the FAQ and realize that you can create a custom.css file that will be used alongside the theme, so I did that. However, the index_grey.css was listed after the custom.css in the head, so most of my custom styles were overridden by the originals! Currently I'm using JavaScript as a hack to get around this, LOL! How can I properly solve this issue?

Re: [Theme] Lazy Day

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@TaliaJoy what is the name of your custom file and where did you paste the custom file?