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Re: [ADDON] Google Member Map

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I just installed the new version 1.0.2 and all seems to work fine ;)

Re: [ADDON] Google Member Map

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I have some errors in Elkarte log, I use the 1.0.3 version of this addon
Registro errori.jpg

EDIT: forgot to insert the API key into ACP > Configuration > Add-on Settings > Member Map. No more errors now ;)
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Re: [ADDON] Google Member Map

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I should make it log a more useful error ... but yeah Google began to require a key to use their map API.  Old sites received a no API grandfather for some period of time as well but I'd guess that is all past by now.  Anyway glad you got it sorted.

Re: [ADDON] Google Member Map

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This addons installs and seems to work fine on 1.1 RC2, but generates errors in elkarte log:

Type of error: Undefined
Notice: Undefined index: gender
http: ... /index.php?action=GoogleMap;sa=xml
File: ... /sources/controllers/GoogleMap.controller.php
Line: 657

Type of error: Undefined
Undefined index: image_href
http: ... /index.php?action=GoogleMap;sa=xml
File: ... /sources/controllers/GoogleMap.controller.php
Line: 556

Re: [ADDON] Google Member Map

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Replace GoogleMap.controller.php with the version attached ... it should clean up those 1.1 issues but want to make sure there are no more before I update the package.

Re: [ADDON] Google Member Map

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Thank you Spuds, no more errors in Elk log ;)

Re: [ADDON] Google Member Map

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Updated package to support ElkArte 1.1

Re: [ADDON] Google Member Map

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Thanks for updating. FYI, uninstalling for purposes of upgrading removed all previous map settings, including the API key. This happened on both sites. If you upgrade, be sure to copy your map settings for reeentry.  ;)

Re: [ADDON] Google Member Map

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using elkarte 1.1.3 on php 7.2.5 I get some errors in elkarte log:
Unknown Error: Function create_function() is deprecated
File: sources/GoogleMapIntegration.php
Line 92

Re: [ADDON] Google Member Map

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Yeah ... create function notices  :P

Here is an GoogleMapIntegration.php updated file that should fix those errors ....

Re: [ADDON] Google Member Map

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Thank you Spuds, no more errors from this addon ;)

Re: [ADDON] Google Member Map

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Well I have not updated this in some time, which is good since it still works with a couple of small issues.   The primary issue is that Google depreciated their chart API and that is what the addon utilized to create the map pins, specifically the icon and text pins, so what most often is shown is simply the default Google Maps pin regardless of what you have selected.

I did find an API call to a different address that works, for how long who knows, so if you want that style pin get the V1.0.5 release
Google Member Map V1.0.5 Release
  • Update the chart pin generator endpoint. That service is depreciated so don't depend on this to work forever
  • Update for 1.1 profile
  • Updates for better use of php 7.x

Since we can't depend on that to work forever I also release a V1.0.6
Google Member Map V1.0.6 Release
  • Updates to support latest changes in Gmaps API
  • Use Google clustermarkerplus script instead of (now unsupported) 3rd party one
  • Drop support for chart API (depreciated) which removes icon, text and shadow support for the pins
  • Uses an SVG icon for member and cluster pins, faster, no http calls needed
  • Use flexbox markup for map layout instead of floats
  • Removes support for gender icons
  • If support of icon/text/gender/shadow/etc are needed, use 1.0.5 which as of that release still uses/works with the chart API (but who knows for how long?)
  • Use latest jscolor script for color picker for standard pins
  • Improvements to infobox layout and navigation

Re: [ADDON] Google Member Map

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just a small typo to correct:
The Google JavaScript Maps API V3 is a free service, available for any web site that is free to consumers. By enabling and using this SMF modification you are acknowledging and agreeing to the Google terms of use