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New IRC chat: #elkarte

I think it's high time we start an IRC channel.
#elkarte channel on freenode.

Please go ahead and join us. Starting like... 3, 2, now. :)

Note: it will probably be very rarely populated for a while, until we catch up and use it on a frequent basis.
However, I feel it will be better to use the IRC chat, than private MSN messages, for any development discussions. It allows to share discussions which otherwise only two participants are even aware of.
The best moment for testing your PR is right after you merge it. Can't miss with that one.

Re: New IRC chat: #elkarte

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Also msn is fading away... :'(

Re: New IRC chat: #elkarte

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That's the point...

Re: New IRC chat: #elkarte

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IRC was worse than I remembered LOL ... I've sent up some smoke signals, let me know when you get them :P

Re: New IRC chat: #elkarte

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Nobody wants me therre...

Re: New IRC chat: #elkarte

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aaaaand years after, freenode has exploded and now there is shrugs

Re: New IRC chat: #elkarte

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It's 2021-current-year-argument, Discord is a thing :P

Re: New IRC chat: #elkarte

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Don't really need a chat, this forum will do

Re: New IRC chat: #elkarte

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I dunno about that. There is something very wonderful about a fast(er) moving format where you can discuss ideas and bounce them off each other quickly. There is nothing quicker for refining an idea than having a method to bounce it off someone quickly rather than posting and waiting hours or longer for any kind of answer, by which time some level of apathy will have set in.

Re: New IRC chat: #elkarte

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Only if we are all online at the same time which is very difficult because of our time differences. If not, they still normally work similar to forum in this regards.

I do use whatsapp, telegram, signal etc but other than realtime delivery, they really work similar to forum in most ways.

Re: New IRC chat: #elkarte

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That's just it, you don't 'all' need to be online at the same time - just even two people discussing a thought by virtue of being in a similar timezone, or at the very least a timezone overlap that can work, can still discuss an idea far, far quicker than you'd ever manage to do in a forum.

Re: New IRC chat: #elkarte

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We dont all need to be fast but that is an individual preference.

Re: New IRC chat: #elkarte

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Well, chats do have a reason to exist.
If someone doesn't feel the need for one, up to him/her.

If there were more than a couple of developers, having a way to exchange info quickly would not be a sin, but another channel of communication.

@Arantor yeah... like MSN, ICQ, etc. existed in other times. :P
Funny thing is that all these passed by and disappeared, IRC is still around... with different servers, true. Sure, if it could evolve a bit with some useful features that would be great. shrugs