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Re: Vaccine Damages!!!

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Please just stop.

Re: Vaccine Damages!!!

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This is not the place for that.  Plenty of other places to argue your point of view about vac or not.

Re: Vaccine Damages!!!

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IF the vaccine does rare "damage", it's certainly far less than damage done by the virus. Let's think this through a second.....vaccine may have occasional side effects....virus may have occasional uhm...death. What dumbass thinks that's a rational trade? 

Re: Vaccine Damages!!!

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This is health care, not gambling - you're not a lotto ticket where the odds are the same for everyone in line, -you're a unique genomic biological organism. There are a few people who got the virus, lived, then got the jab(s) and died - the odds don't mean anything to them. (In fact, nothing does anymore). One size don't fit everybody.
You makes your choices and takes your chances, just like everything in life.  The wise make well-informed pro/con decisions based on their own circumstances.

Facts are, the virus kills people and the jabs kill people, too. The vast majority will live through whatever choice they make., one or the other, or neither.  As Clint said "Do ya feel lucky?"

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