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The site: additions, testing, themes Started by TestMonkey · · Read 6866 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

The site: additions, testing, themes

Hey all,

We have focused (and will continue) on the code of Elk more than other areas. All improvements and fixes have found their way to the site, which has been simply a testing site. That's been good for starters, however, the project site needs more love. From a quick testing site, we're moving it to what we need from the project site. In fact, it already has more than a forum, it serves our javascript for admin pages, for one.
In order to work on it more easily, we have a site repository now, I initialized it at: (pending transfer from

I need your help to set it up. This is an initial set of goals:
  • Presentation pages.
  • Github commits.
  • Themes. Add your work-in-progress themes to the site.
  • Scripts. (we should add the javascript we're serving)
  • Package server.
  • Add-ons/packages. Package custom modifications of the site and make them available freely.

We'll add the files as we have them at this time, on the site, and from there, once the repository is synchronized, the intention will be to keep it up to date from git.

Please make sure you check it out and add your work to it. On this note, if you feel a testing area - a proper testing area, separated from the rest, is needed, do propose that too, along with anything I'm missing right now.
The best moment for testing your PR is right after you merge it. Can't miss with that one.