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Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Did another site refresh today.  I'll try to highlight some of the changes

  • Another batch of PHP 8.1 updates.  Some of these were blockers, some were simply error log warnings.  Either way the bulk of them should have been addressed
  • Fixed a few install issues, still have work to go
  • You can now use a gravatar as a users default avatar (in place of the shadow bust), several themes to choose from as well. Thanks @Trekkie101 for the idea
  • Several search tweaks, outlined them in another post.  Most minor but should help improve overall results and their presentation.
  • Improved / enhanced webP support to allow admins to accept webP uploads but convert them to png or jpg (system will choose based on the upload having transparency or not)
  • Improved the attachment upload code, again for the above webP image, the interface will show the image was converted (name extension) and the space left etc. is correctly updated (attachment resize is also all built in).  Several tweaks for keeping track of the values as items are added and deleted.
  • Adjustments to the meta description tag to better leverage the open graph and schema data that is created.
  • Lots-O-bug fixes plus more open issues closed
  • Major updates to outbound mail.   When using the mail list functions, outbound email will now include a true HTML version.  This will be seen when getting posts text by email.  That is not as easy as it may sound, HTML in email needs (or should) follow  many rules in order for the HTML to be used/understood.   Without getting to deep into the details, the basics are the HTML is wrapped in a table structure, its has its own style sheet, needs to be html4/css2 level, and a few other gems.  It also has to account for any "fancy" css we use in our parseBBC output and simplify that so it can be consumed with a basic CSS styles, suitable to email embedding.
  • Overall better email emoji, quote, code, etc support (catching up with all the HTML changes we made to those tags).  These improvements are in markdown and bbc conversions
  • Continued theme tweaks (all variants) as issues are noted.

Probably some other things I'm forgetting ... and of course likely introduced a few new bugs.
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Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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It would be nice if Outlook actually supported anything that advanced. :P

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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LOL ... as I read about the HTML "support" in various, still in use, mail clients well:exploding_head:

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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And another site refresh last night ... there were a few db changes, so for anyone running a copy see the upgrade script in install.  Added one col to boards, changed session size/type in 3 areas, moved some theme to be site settings.

  • Improved Emoji support for mobile
  • Small improvements to site metadata
  • Added ability to individually turn off moderation and user logs (if core logging is enabled at all)
  • Moved draft selection to "load draft" button, better visibility, less clutter
  • Added additional info (if available) and categorized admin support area php/server/ElkArte
  • More email improvements, mostly on inbound processing but some outbound improvements as well.
  • Many bug fixes, closing old github issues
  • Many areas of general code cleanup
  • Moved all logging actions to single area in ACP, still need to overall ACP
  • Moved some theme options to site options (show edit, show group, show avatar, ..)
  • Added ability to enable -old post warning- on a per board basis
  • Continued CSS normalization across the variants / removal of unused classes / fold some odd single use classes into core ones
  • Improved unsubscribe from XYZ tokens that are sent via email
  • Improved code block protection for markdown, centralized / exposed protect code block functions
  • Search now uses date pickers (in advanced) instead of old/odd/confusing older/newer days input
  • Package server screen was missing tabs
  • Standardized on varchar 128 for session data (was char or varchar 64)
  • Continued theme cleanup and fixes
  • Improve / differentiate between full word and sub word matches in search highlight
  • More php8.1 updates
  • Allow use of gravatar as default avatar (selectable set as well)
  • Other stuff I forgot, see github commits should you want details

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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QuoteExecuting: "Dropping the custom search Index..." (5 of 10)
Adding Language edit table...done
Removing old hash custom search index...done

In upgrader.


After removing that function, it just fails on the next, followed by the next etc.

I manually added the old_posts thing and the forum works again.
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Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Thanks, I'll take a look and see what I mussed up!  When I did the site upgrade I did it the old manual way :innocent:

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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I’ve found the failure doesn’t seem to be related to the steps, as every step can produce a fail, was a bit bizzare - so I just manually did them.

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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How "beta" is the dev version at this point? Bugz included being a given, is it tolerable for mid -size site testing? Organic users are a great testing ground. Does the upgrader work from 1.8?

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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I would certainly appreciate more real testing  :smiley: its needed to shake out the bugs.  I'm sure there is still a fair amount of error log spam as well, every so often I go through the logs and fix some of what I find.  The real start of Beta is when (at least to me) new features are no longer being added, so feature freeze and you just concern yourself with fixes (of course some things may still get added, but if your not carful you just end up in a loop of despair)

There are also addon considerations, which ones are you running just so I can make sure to give them a test.  I'm pretty sure there will be a few breaking issues.

The update script is there but I have not done the needed testing.   That script is really concerned with db updates, so I need to do a fresh 118 -> update to 20 and then do some comparisons.  The other update issue/question/decision is that the file structure really changed under 2.0, its now follows PSR guidelines, so I need to make sure the upgrader cleans up after itself.

I pushed a couple of large updates to the repo but they are not live here just yet.  I also have a couple of smaller features I was thinking of adding and a few areas to simplify.  I also want to pack up 1.1.9 so were are better prepared for 8.1   

So maybe wait several more weeks so we can get a few more things done  :grin:

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Word. Thanks for the advisement @Spuds

It's no rush nor critique, to be clear. One site has a crew offering unique if not creative ways to break things. They also provide constructive feedback when they do. Thus it's a reasonable testing grounds.

Anywho, we'll patiently await further updates!

Oh, one other question. Will custom css be reasonably close in 2.0, or will a 1.8 custom css require substantial overhaul?

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Perhaps it's also pertinent to expand the question. Will there be substantial theming changes in 2.0, or can 1.9ish themes be ported with reasonable ease?

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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I think what I need to do is take one of my 1.1 themes and see what is required in order to make a fully useful response.  Its going to be very theme dependent with respect to what was changed/adjusted.

A custom.css only theme should mostly just work.  I don't recall any major CSS selector changes, so whatever was being targeted by the custom CSS should still be available.  That said, structurally many things were moved to grid and flexbox, as such how you adjust items may not be the same.  For example the old board index was div/span/float/margin in structure and now its grid-template-columns: [bicon] 75px [info] auto [avatar] 60px [latest] 32% [stats] minmax(80px, 120px) [end];  Which may look complicated but its really not, and you can rearrange and delete the items with ease.

Themes with custom templates will need some effort, mostly if you want to take advantage of the new features, such as the improved metadata (note I did add that in 1.1.9, but to use it with a custom theme, its index.template would need to be updated to output the data, the updater should offer this but ...) Custom themes likely have their own board/message/display templates with their own css, which again should "work"   But things such as who liked a post, that was hidden until you did a button hover (poor accessibility) is now shown by default.

Font awesome support was removed in 2.0, but could easily be added back with a custom theme.  It was depreciated in 1.1 and not used by the core theme.

The top menu is now pure CSS, removing hoverintent/superfish js from use.  So themes that did very custom menus, or used those JS functions to adjust fade in/out would need some changes.  Part two of that change is when you use click menus, such as mobile/touch devices, that is still JS (new code) enabled, so you would want to test changes both ways.

Font size changed slightly, but most importantly the way its done now stops a lot of the compounding effect that we had, so a custom theme may find some of their font sizes will need to be adjusted.

Other menus were also changed/simplified made consistent, so again depending on what you did ....

I could go on, but I feel most adjustments should be straight forward as the overall look did not really change, but many of the old ways of doing it were changed.   I know that is not much help  :sad:

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Don't worry! The most important thing is that an update to 2.0 goes through without problems. The theme with its variants in dev 2.0 is top-notch!  :thumbsup:

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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What are the plans for Elkarte 2.0.0.

I can see there are 169 open issues against it, however looking at them from an outsiders point of view. I think many can be closed down as not required now or supeceeded. I'm more asking from an addon development point of view as I have just updated TinyPortal again to work with 2.0.0 and was going to work my way through the other addon's I have, but if there are going to be drastic changes (like the changes to how language txt files are loaded as that broke my logic and I had to implement my own loader) it makes sense to hold fire.

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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There should not be any more core changes like what we did with the language files, at least I am not planning on any at this point.

Agree many of those issues can simply be closed.  I started to go through them a few months ago and did the work of fixing/adding or closing them.  There are a lot that simply kept being pushed to the next release, some are valid improvements and could be moved to projects, should someone want to take them on, but the majority are old crust.

On the language issue you faced, if there is a helper function or logic change that could be added to the core, let us know!

I've been stuck on 1.1.9 (I keep saying its close and then, another little issue shows up), so have not been able to work on 2.0 in a couple of months.  Should be able to get back to it soon:pray: