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[theme] Mostly Blue

Author: Crip
Remix: inter
Git: Bitbucket | Github


This is my first theme and I'm not sure that it is done correctly. :P
Last Edit: September 15, 2019, 06:14:21 pm by inter
Sorry for my English

Re: [theme] Mostly Blue

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Nice job  :D

Re: [theme] Mostly Blue

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great work check out with great color scheme like it very much and thanks

Re: [theme] Mostly Blue

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I just notice @inter made a 1.1 update ;) ... I've added this to the theme site as well.

Re: [theme] Mostly Blue

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In my test forum, the theme is not displayed/adopted, if I select it. Nothing changes.
And in the list of the Theme Colector the entry (at the bottom) looks like on the screenshot.
Is that the same with any of you?

Re: [theme] Mostly Blue

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Theme Colector - this addon? on which page (url) do you see the error?

Re: [theme] Mostly Blue

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It's at this forum:

In that I only test addons, themes, updates and other stuff.
If I select the Mostly Blue with the Theme Selector, this theme will not load at all, even though the installation was confirmed as "successful".

Re: [theme] Mostly Blue

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Thanks for the quick help! Everything is fine now.
It worked with the newer zip file and the theme is now displayed. :)