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ElkArte 1.1 Final - Release announcement Started by emanuele · · Read 52654 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

Re: ElkArte 1.1 Final - Release announcement

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Quote from: emanuele –

Yep. :)
Just to be ready: addons for 1.0 may not work with 1.1 and themes for 1.0 will not work in 1.1.

Could you be more specific? Although that is pretty specific I want to clarify before I have a heart attack. I have a custom forked theme of Silence. Does this mean I have to spend hours and hours figuring out how to convert it before I upgrade?

Re: ElkArte 1.1 Final - Release announcement

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I'm going to update Silence in the next couple of days, after that I will be able to help answer this question with some details.

Today if you were to do a DIFF on a 1.1 index.css and a 1.0, you may crap your pants, BUT the changes are not that substantial.  We did a lot of restructuring to move colors, borders, shadows, etc to the variant definition where they belonged.  Going forward this will be a major help for themes.  1.0 had started this but there were still colors and structure in both the base and variant files, 1.1 cleaned this up a bunch.  That's good but it makes looking at a Diff almost useless.

For sure you will need the new like stats and icon sections of the 1.1 index CSS, these are all the declarations just before the media query section, so you could just copy and paste those line from the 1.1 CSS as a start.  I'm sure there are several other key things that need to be added/updated and as I find them I'll add them to a new 1.1 Silence.   Then my hope is you could do a diff on Silence 1.0 and Silence 1.1 and see the primary changes that need to be made.

Re: ElkArte 1.1 Final - Release announcement

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Quote from: emanuele –
Quote from: IchBin – The other thing is the text box that the one time pass is in. Make it longer so the whole pass fits in the box without having to scroll. :)
Which box are you talking about?
The one in the login screen, or the one in  the profile page?

Sorry, I got side tracked for a month apparently. :)  The one on the profile page. Image attached.
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Re: ElkArte 1.1 Final - Release announcement

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@Spuds Sounds great, though this may lead to problems with my custom CSS file. I changed and optimized a lot with this file. Hope it works!