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Elkarte 1.1.8 Who is online

Who is online is always display in the Informations center, even when not activated  in Adminnistration, Settings, General

Re: Elkarte 1.1.8 Who is online

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This is, interestingly, not a bug. It’s something SMF did by design though it’s a weird design.

When you disable who’s online, you disable the full page view showing what people are actually looking at, and the info center is completely separate, as the underlying work is still being done anyway (since it’s also used to indicate in-topic who is online)

Re: Elkarte 1.1.8 Who is online

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I understand : thank you.
I thought this option was to display, are not, the line in the Infos center.
It's not possible to disable this line ?
But is it possible to disable the Infos Center ?

Re: Elkarte 1.1.8 Who is online

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I think you will have to make a quick edit.  In your BoardIndex.template.php file find the function template_ic_show_users()  In that function after the opening { enter return;

Code: [Select]
function template_ic_show_users()
global $context, $txt, $settings, $modSettings;

Re: Elkarte 1.1.8 Who is online

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Thank you again @Spuds  : it works, the line is not anymore display.
But now i have the block Infos center just with his title : i thougth when the block will be empty it will be no more display, but not.
In the same file i had enter a return; like this :
Code: [Select]
function template_info_center_below()
global $context, $txt;
and the block is not display.

Maybe it will be an option for the future ?


Re: Elkarte 1.1.8 Who is online

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Yup, it needs more than just a template hack unfortunately (true in SMF too)

Honestly I’d suggest a bigger rethink here.

So over in my world I have portal-style blocks as standard/core feature. And I replaced the info center with a special block that can contain other blocks, so it’s possible to remove/reorder/place other blocks in it with UI (assuming I ever get around to building a UI)