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Import from VBulletin 3?

I know the features say VB4 but does it work with VB3? I'm looking to move a forum from VB 3.8.7 and ElkArte seems nice. Would rather not have to do lots of workarounds to import it in.

Re: Import from VBulletin 3?

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Hi and welcome. :)

Honestly I don't think I ever tried.
Going quickly through the vB4 importer and comparing with the vB3.7 SMF converter, they look pretty much the same, so I'd say it should work.

Re: Import from VBulletin 3?

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OK, I guess I'll just have to make some tests. I'll report back my hopeful success when all is done.


Re: Import from VBulletin 3?

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Sorry for not being able to give you a "yes/no" answer... :(