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Manage Attachment

There was a bug report for the admin panel and attachments, with JS turned off.   The issue is but its really a continuation of the issue @badmonkey reported here:

I think the JS issue is easy enough to resolve as we are missing a test for conflicting parameters which the JS would normally take care of.

Then there is the older issue which we kind of fixed, but not really.   So I've made additional changes to the manageattachment file which I'm hopeful will stop the various errors and address some of the annoyances in that area.  Anyway if anyone is willing to test here is the file.
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Re: Manage Attachment

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Ok. I'll play with it later and see what happens. Worst that can happen is a dead test site. :)
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Re: Manage Attachment

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Thats the spirit :D Although it still annoys me when I blow up one of my test sites, but so far this patch has been harmless.
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