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Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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At this stage I can't help but feel that the name _possibly_ should be changed seeing how it was originally named after an intended SMF fork...

A lever is a type of simple machine, and a tine is the prong of a fork... but if you're happy with the name, keep it :P

Well that's a let down.. I thought it was named after Levertine, the Flaming Sword of the Norse God Tyr, who lost it (and his hand - the origin of the term "wolf-joint" of the wrist) to the wolf Fenrir while it was being subdued by the other Gods (omitted from the Prose Edda, but alluded to in the earlier Poetic Edda in the original text of the Codex Regius. although sometimes interpreted to reference the sword of Víðarr, Odin's son, who uses it to avenge Odin's death to Fenrir at the battle of Ragnarök.

It was told to be the equal to Thor's Hammer until it was lost and believed ended up in Niflheim, secreted away by the dragon  Nidhug into the spring Hvergelmir, which causes it to boil, and which Nidhug remained ever vigilant over.

But, tang on a simple tool? Well, OK..
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Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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No problem  for the name, choose the one that fits best. If the word "levertine" has no sense to be used in Elkarte I propose something simple like "Elkarte Media" or "Elkarte Gallery" or "ELK Media Gallery" or "ElkGallery", etc .... I hope Arantor is agree with that,

I was working on the italian translation of this add-on and I see there is a part in the gallery that should display the latest news from I don't know what @Arantor‍ intend to do with that domain, but now there is nothing there. If the site won't be updated I guess that part "News from could be removed from the add-on and translations.
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Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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Well, I still own the domain but for some reason it's throwing 500s and since there's been no updates on it in forever, there's probably not a lot of reason to have it call 'home' for news.

Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery

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I'd have to double check but I'm pretty sure I disabled the call home for news.  What I should do is change it, like I did for SP, to grab the latest release info from github.

No idea on the name,  Along the lines of ElkArte then it could be ElkArte Galeria, but I'm fine with Levertine.

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