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Re: What's in a name, they said.

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And for a meager $10 (not mine this time) it can be renamed again and again and again :P  But talk about a poop and go ... yah hate it but don't offer up alternatives that we can complain about, where is the sport it that :D

Re: What's in a name, they said.

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Or Jaeltra, or Drupal.

Way I figure it, whatever name we chose it'll sound silly in some language. If it means "Really cool community stuff" in one language it'll probably mean "Defiler of virgin goats" in another, and "My grandmother's blueberry muffins" in a third. Ya can't win. :D

Besides which, if the software is good enough nobody will care if the name sounds bonkers, and if the software isn't good enough it wont matter how cool the name is.
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Re: What's in a name, they said.

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Sorry you didn't like it, BinMan. But here's a bit dedicated to you, for the sake of the multi-language interpretations:

Not knows what it is? An Elk. It's more cool than Spuds' dogs.
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Re: What's in a name, they said.

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Wile E Kiote thinks he is cooler  8)

Re: What's in a name, they said.

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Well just so you all know, this is how I'm pronouncing this out loud if anyone ever asks....

El Karteeeeeee
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