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Custom arbitrary smileys

Have you considered support for this? It would be similar to custom arbitrary BBcode, except it would just be a custom string being replaced by an arbitrary image from the current smiley set, falling back on the default if it doesn't exist in the given set.

I only decided to ask for this now, because it never occurred to me before now that the entire smiley set is hard coded across multiple places in the source base.

Re: Custom arbitrary smileys

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Actually this exists since a very long time, you can customize the smiley any way ypu want. It's not enabled by default, but it's enough to go to the smiley settings in the admin panel and enable the custom smiley. ;)

Re: Custom arbitrary smileys

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And you can even import your custom smiley definitions from SMF, like I did with these.

Re: Custom arbitrary smileys

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I think I'll steal some smilies from that page @Frenzie;)

Re: Custom arbitrary smileys

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Haha... By the way, do anyone knows where I can steal WhatsApp smileys etc... :D

Re: Custom arbitrary smileys

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Sorry, didn't notice that.  :-[