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Repeating calendar event?

I'd like to create a repeating event (e.g. every first Friday of the month) in the calendar but it appears that there's no option for that. I thought maybe I could just upload an ical file of a repeating event or edit the files/database directly, does someone know if and how that is possible? If not, is there a way I could automate the creation of a new event every month within ElkArte? Many thanks, guys! :)


Re: Repeating calendar event?

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You could create a modification to create it based upon a cron entry.

If not and you’re happy to talk directly with the database and create a batch of them you can do it with SQL.

Code: [Select]
 INSERT INTO elkarte_calendar_holidays ( event_date, title ) VALUES ( '2021-09-03', 'First Friday in September');