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Hiding forum stats

Where do I hide forum stats that appear at the bottom from guests and users?


Re: Hiding forum stats

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Quote from: ahrasis – Try setting it at the permission page.

Thank you I did that. They still show at the bottom. Since it's a new forum I'm trying to avoid people seeing that most of the posts were by only two members.

Re: Hiding forum stats

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As far as I remember, you should already be able to disallow member or guess to view statistic at admin > permission page settings but you should view as guest or member, not admin.

But if you need more than that, you could copy default template, use that copy as new default, then modify its template file to remove that statistic totally, though this is really unnecessary.

Re: Hiding forum stats

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It should turn off if you go to the admin area, features and options, general ... turn off (uncheck) track daily statistics.  I think that will turn it off everywhere.

Also for the board index, you can go to admin area themes modify theme options ... it should have a Show statistics on board index setting that you can turn off so it will not appear in the "info center" that is below the board listing.

Re: Hiding forum stats

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Do it with permissions, it's the easiest and fastest way. If one day you decide to show the stats to your members or guests, you only need to change permissions.